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Cave Sun Beam by Othebo @ Pixabay CC-0

Back in September 2019, I set out on a journey that officially ends today. Then, I was wondering about “the places I’d go” [link to the post]. My connection to Dr. Seuss lessons wasn’t wrong. 

My hopes were: 

That the learning would be highly applicable to my daily/classroom practices and that my learning will directly impact my students’ (learning), increasing their engagement and enhancing their learning experience and competencies.

That I would be able to connect with people that have similar aspirations as mine for Language Acquisition learning, and we can start shaping this view in our classrooms as well as “spread the wealth”.

A month into my 1st COETAIL-2 course, Personalized Learning, I established these aims: 


  • To have clear ISTE standards set for myself (refer to my last post) and to establish clear ones for my students (to come).
  • To explore becoming a co-designer of learning
  • To consider my students as clients and use design thinking.
  • To be coherent with the IB concept-based learning


The journey to this point wasn’t as linear as I thought. There were hang-ups, bumps and slumps but I “escaped them all” and here I am. Throughout COETAIL-2, I grew as a facilitator, a leader, a designer, a coach, and a collaborator. 


As you can see below:

In case you’re curious about how and where I started, check you can check my Return post from last August.

Now, I am moving on. I want to deepen my learning which will lead to other stories.