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Valdir Chagas

International Educator, photography aficionado and Literature lover, I currently work at UNIS Hanoi. I teach French and TOk with a twist for IB students.

Selfie by vchagas

I started my career over 17 years ago in Brazil, where I was born. Although I am a seasoned teacher, I am always learning. I teach by the motto “enseigner, c’est apprendre”: To teach is to learn; learn to exchange, learn to learn, to question, to make mistakes and to grow.

This blog tells the story of my journey as an international educator and a COETAILer. You’ll find my reflections, struggles, and experiences in integrating technology into my classes. Hopefully, you’ll see many successes in my experiments with my students and a few failures that will help me grow as a teacher and individual.

You’ll also hear about some other passions of mine: my two tween daughters, Stella and Sophia, my wife Jen and the music that does not stop echoing either in my house or my head.

Coleman Chagas Buzios by vchagas